A Trip to Splitlog Farm

May 3, 2018

This virtual field trip takes kids to Kansas City, Kansas, where Steve Curtis of Community Housing Wyandotte County, and students from M.E. Pearson Elementary are growing food and strengthening their community at the same time. Steve talks about kids as farmers, vacant properties, the importance of safe places for kids, and local food in schools. Help your school buy and serve more locally grown foods. KC Healthy Kids’ Farm to School Academy engages school staff and faculty, district stakeholders, parents and students in activities that increase awareness of our local food system and generate excitement about the possibilities for bringing fresher, local food to schools.

In 2018, Splitlog Farm received the Champions for Health Award from KC Healthy Kids.

This same year, CHWC and KC Healthy Kids partner to operate Splitlog Farm and continue Farm to School Program.Rachael McGinnis Millsap, Farm to School Academy director, has begun managing daily operations at Splitlog Farm in Kansas City, Kansas.

“Splitlog is such a special place. I’m really excited to dig in the dirt with kids and help them grow food for their school and community,” McGinnis Millsap says. Read more here

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