A Dream Realized

January 10, 2019

Buying her dream house once seemed like an unattainable goal. But on December 26, Claudia Flores and her family celebrated their first anniversary as homeowners.

If you haven’t read the Flores’ full homeownership story, click here for a recap.

Claudia and her husband Eddy had always wanted a home of their own. They especially wanted to provide their five-year-old daughter, Kate, with more space to play. One thing they’ve enjoyed in the year of being homeowners is getting to watch their daughter grow up with her own space. She has a backyard to play in and a swing-set to herself.

For four years in a row, the Flores moved at least once a year. Needless to say, they are happy to be able to stay in their home as their first year there wraps up. They cherish the peace of mind of knowing that it’s their own.

Both Claudia and Eddy have large families that live in the area, but their parents’ homes are small. Before they were property owners, the Flores weren’t able to make as many plans with their loved ones. Now, their home is the perfect place to host parties and regular get-togethers. Claudia says her family comes over nearly every weekend.

As DACA recipients, Claudia and her husband did have their share of difficulties in buying a home. But they were still able to get an AHP grant to offset the costs of the mortgage. They found a great bank to finance their mortgage, something that can be a challenge for DACA recipients.

Of course, life as a homeowner has had its learning curves and difficulties. Mainly, Claudia says, it’s the upkeep that’s provided them with new challenges. Since moving in, she and Eddy have had to learn how to change furnace and fridge water filters, when to clean carpets, and how to use the appropriate tools to add home decor.

According to Claudia, the hard work to become a homeowner and to maintain a safe home is beyond worth it. “For anyone that is thinking about buying,” she shares, “Do not wait. If you need help or have questions, reach out to CHWC. We can talk you through the process. We might even have grants that could help you.”

Many people approach the idea of buying a home believing that it’s an insurmountable task. Claudia says that she and her husband felt the same way at first. The more they learned about the process, however, the less intimidating it seemed. “Homeownership is not for everyone,” Claudia concedes, and warns that it will take time. “But,” she adds, “it doesn’t hurt to get educated. It might just be for you after all.”


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