CHWC Project Update

February 3, 2020

What you probably know: CHWC works to create healthy, resilient neighborhoods, and one of the ways we do this is by building high-quality homes.

What you may not know: To a degree, our mission is reflected in our home design.


Today, we’re giving you a glimpse of several of our ongoing projects and highlighting some of the ways we design them to serve our families and build community in Wyandotte County.


St. Benedict’s

CHWC has been building new homes in St. Benedict’s for some time now, and continues to accomplish a lot in this area. These houses are placed near several local schools, making them perfect for families. You’ll see that reflected in the design of the homes.


Home #1




Many of CHWC’s homes are designed with family in mind. This feature, a shoe rack installed adjacent to the front door, makes it easy to visualize a busy family sending kids off for the school day or just getting home from work.



A spacious living room with ample light and beautiful floors are among the more finished areas of the home.
So what’s left? Paint is still being finished here, as seen on the staircase, and HVAC was being installed the day we toured the home.



Also on the near horizon for this project are electric and appliance installation.


Home #2 













This home also has a cozy interior and features perfect for family life.
Electric work as well as paint and trim in several rooms is still being completed.



One interesting feature of this particular floor plan is the option to add a bathroom and bedroom in the basement.
As families’ needs change over the years, this type of flexibility is useful for long-term planning.
Initial plumbing work has been completed (note the two capped pipe ends at the bottom left of the photo)
prior to purchase to allow for this future option.



CHWC has worked with Beverly Easterwood, local real estate agent and president of the Douglass-Sumner Neighborhood Association, to list these homes. Check out the progress!


Home #1













A  jack-and-jill style bathroom (left) often works well for families with siblings
who need separate bedroom spaces but can share a bathroom.
In this design, doors from the bathroom open into a bedroom (right) on either side.












The rear window (left) looks out from the open-dining area adjacent to the kitchen onto the back yard.
This sliding glass door will eventually open out onto a porch, with stairs down to the home’s back walk or driveway.
The rear-entry driveway design, while more practical for some urban areas, also encourages a sense of community.


Home #2 













In this house we especially appreciated the reading nook in one of the bedrooms (right) and the airy, light-filled hallway space.












CHWC is excited to see new families move into these homes when they’re complete, and we’re thankful we get to bring new investment to neighborhoods already rich with history, culture, and community partnerships.

Keep an eye our blog and social media for more updates like these, and if you’re excited about the work CHWC is doing in Wyandotte County neighborhoods, check out some of the ways you can get involved here.

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