It Takes a Partnership

March 13, 2020

CHWC serves a highly diverse population, and it’s our mission to be a resource for the whole community. All of our services are available on a regular basis in English and in Spanish. To help extend the reach of our services, CHWC partners with Catholic Charities each year to teach a homebuyer education class that is translated into Burmese.



This special partnership, conducted twice a year, runs for eight hours over the course of two mornings and enables attendees to prepare themselves for homeownership. Topics covered include what goes into a credit score, how to determine your readiness for homeownership, and ways to identify the right mortgage lender.

As with all of CHWC’s classes, the presentation team is made up of our housing counseling staff and visiting experts from the banking and lending industries. Through an interpreter, class attendees answer questions from the presenter during the session to confirm their knowledge or ask follow up questions when the presentation is finished. Some of the most commonly-asked questions during homebuyer education classes include the required size of a down payment and the required credit score to obtain a mortgage.



The Burmese class demonstrates how different agencies in our community can work together to fill a need. Because of CHWC’s partnership with Catholic Charities, many of the class attendees go on to become homeowners – some of them right here in our neighborhoods. CHWC staff and volunteers get to know these families from the beginning of their homeownership journey to the end. Being part of this community is a privilege, and CHWC is thankful to have a role in empowering these families.

CHWC is working to forge the connections that will enable us to serve everyone in our community, but we can’t do it alone. We need more partnerships like this one to bring our services to everyone who calls Kansas City, KS home. Please contact our homeownership team with partnership opportunities.



The Burmese class is one of CHWC’s best-attended classes year-round. Monthly homebuyer education classes are held in English and Spanish on the same topics with the same industry expertise.

You can start learning how to become a homeowner today! Sign up for a homebuyer education class here. Not sure if you’re ready? Sign up for a FREE Financial Literacy class in English or Spanish here.

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