Our vision: an abundant, inclusive and welcoming community where every person can feel at home in a neighborhood they love.

More than housing

CHWC creates diverse housing options for the diverse people who call our neighborhoods home, and we invest in housing types and practices that make housing healthier, more accessible, and more energy- and cost-efficient.

Rita and her family stand together in front of a photo of a beautiful home. They all have brown skin and dark brown hair. Rita's daughter and son stand next to her on either side with friendly expressions. She holds her younger daughter in her arms in front of her.

A forever home

Rita knows what it means to work towards a dream.…

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When Plan A fails…

Meet David. He’s a man of simple character with a…

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A Happy Ending for 456 N. 17th Street

CHWC extensively rehabbed this home in the St. Peter’s neighborhood.…

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10 Years “On the Corner”

by Bek Shackelford-Nwaganga; edited by Rebekah Swank Rachel says the…

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A man and a woman sitting in a car and smiling.

Stronger Together

What do you do when your ability to provide a…

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A Dream Realized

Buying her dream house once seemed like an unattainable goal. But…

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“I Still Can’t Believe It”

“I still can’t believe it.” Those were some of Karen…

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More than homeownership

CHWC innovates strategies to increase access to homeownership, creates opportunities for generational wealth building, and preserves historic places.

A child in a blue shirt with brown skin and dark hair stands in 6th Street. Behind her is a large crowd of families walking the streets and visiting artist and food booths.

A wealth of creativeness

Every month spring through fall, hundreds of people gather in downtown Kansas City, Kansas for…

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A family of two sits on their front porch in front of their beautiful home.

Creating new opportunities for homeownership

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Partners for Financial Freedom

posted by Rebekah Shackelford & Rebekah Swank There’s no doubt that right now, financial security…

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Building a Foundation

Are you waiting to buy a home because you’re not sure the time is right?…

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More than rooftops

CHWC develops parks, playgrounds, and spaces for community arts because these places create space for neighbors to share skills and forge relationships. By supporting the development of strong neighborhood capacity and collaboration, we are investing not just in our places but in our people.

The Our Spot KC logo, a red star on a blue circle, against a dark red background. It is surrounded on either side by colorful portraits of smiling people.

Making a spot for everyone

For lots of us, a thriving neighborhood means feeling truly at home. Being at home…

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“A good thing we all deserve”

If you stop by Open Studio at EPIC Arts or take a clay class, you…

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New Crops, New Faces, New Stories

Produce isn’t the only thing that has been growing over at Splitlog Farm. Over the past few months, our community farm has been undergoing some exciting developments. These improvements were made possible by volunteers from all over Kansas City.

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A Trip to Splitlog Farm

This virtual field trip takes kids to Kansas City, Kansas, where Steve Curtis of Community…

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