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$21,000 down payment assistance

To reduce the cost of buying your home, you can apply for a down payment grant from CHWC, offered through the Federal Home Loan Bank's Affordable Homeownership Program (AHP). Learn More>

Do you qualify?

To qualify for AHP Down Payment Assistance, you must:

Make 60% or Less Area Median Income
Household Size Income Limit*
1-4 People, 60% AMI $61,500
5-8 People, 60% AMI $81,184

*Based on the 2024 HUD Area Median Income (AMI) Guidelines for the Kansas City Metro Area. Subject to change.

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Priority Qualifications

If you apply and meet these qualifications, you may be able to get approved more quickly.


The home you've selected needs to do at least one of the following: Have three or more bedrooms, Be located in Wyandotte County, Be built on a donated lot.


The total income of every person in your household combined must be no more than 50% of AMI.

How much is that?


At least one person in your household must be at least one of the following: Elderly (55 years or older), Mentally or physically disabled, Recovering from physical, alcohol or drug abuse, Living with HIV/AIDS.

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Priority Income Limits
Household Size Income Limit*
1-4 People, 50% AMI $51,250
5-8 People, 50% AMI $67,650

*Based on the 2024 HUD Area Median Income (AMI) Guidelines for the Kansas City Metro Area. Subject to change.

Important to Know

  • 5-Year Agreement

    After buying your home with a down payment assistance grant, you must live in the home for five years, or if you decide to sell the home, you will have to pay back your grant.

  • Title Company Options

    You will need to work with one of our partner title companies: 

    • Prime Title
    • Secured Title 
    • Platinum Title
  • Homebuyer Education

    You will need to take CHWC's homebuyer education class before closing on your home. This will also help you to be prepared for homeownership.

  • For Loan Officers

    If you're a loan officer, please check out our Tips for Lenders info sheet

Here's how it works...

Begin Your Application Process

  • Fill out the request form. 
  • Gather your supporting documents.
  • Make an appointment with our counseling team to bring in your supporting documents. Plan to bring with you to the appointment every person in your household who is both earning income for your household and 18 or older.
  • Questions? Need to make an appointment? Contact our team.
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Review & Approval

CHWC will review your request form and documentation and make a decision. This will take us at least five (5) business days.

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Final Steps to Closing

If you are approved, congratulations! Here's what happens next.

  • Take CHWC's home buyer education class. Your down payment assistance grant will cover your class fee.
  • Work with your lender, CHWC, and one of our partner title companies to get all your closing documents completed.
  • Close on your home!
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Other Options for You

If you don't get approved for a Down Payment Assistance grant, CHWC may have other options to make buying a home more affordable for you.

You can always schedule a free appointment with a counselor to explore your options.

Ready to apply?

Tip: If you'd rather fill out a printed form, you can contact our team to request a paper copy of the request form.

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Get started by filling out the request form and gathering your documents. You'll need: 

  • To verify whether you qualify, by reading the applicant qualifications above.
  • Copies of government-approved IDs for every member of your household.
  • A copy of your (borrower's) social security card or ITIN.
  • 2 full/complete months of the most recent (not more than 30 days old) paycheck stubs (must show year to date paid and employer) for all working household members 18 or older.
  • Proof of your monthly household income, including any disability payments you receive, such as your pay stubs or Social Security benefit statement.
  • Filed income tax returns and W-2 for all working household members for the past 2 years.
  • A signed copy of CHWC's certification of applicants.
  • CHWC's intake packet.
  • An email address. (Tip: You can get a free email address at!)

There are a few more documents CHWC may ask you to sign that we will provide when you come to our office.

Community Housing of Wyandotte County promises to never share your information with anyone, and we will only use it to help you get the Down Payment Assistance grant.

How can we help you? 

Have you read the how-to and FAQ and still have questions? Here you can submit a question or schedule an appointment.


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