“There’s love in this community”

A Black woman and a Hispanic man stand on the front porch of a nice home.

Meet one of CHWC’s customers. A single mother, bus driver, and an avid seamstress, CHWC customer Canita grew up in Wyandotte County. She and her mom, Annette, embody the community spirit that they say makes Wyandotte County special. “If somebody needs something to eat or drink, she’s always willing to help,” Canita says of her…

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Making a spot for everyone

The Our Spot KC logo, a red star on a blue circle, against a dark red background. It is surrounded on either side by colorful portraits of smiling people.

For lots of us, a thriving neighborhood means feeling truly at home. Being at home means being yourself. But that can be hard when you’re struggling to connect to others. Countless studies have shown that social isolation, just like diet, has a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. In a time when even connecting with…

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A wealth of creativeness

A child in a blue shirt with brown skin and dark hair stands in 6th Street. Behind her is a large crowd of families walking the streets and visiting artist and food booths.

Every month spring through fall, hundreds of people gather in downtown Kansas City, Kansas for a community street festival known as Third Friday Art Walk. The event has seen rapid growth since its launch in 2021, and it’s played an important role in activating businesses and neighbor engagement along 6th Street. The increased traffic brought…

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A forever home

Rita and her family stand together in front of a photo of a beautiful home. They all have brown skin and dark brown hair. Rita's daughter and son stand next to her on either side with friendly expressions. She holds her younger daughter in her arms in front of her.

Rita knows what it means to work towards a dream. She’s a survivor, a mom, and a healthcare worker who moved to the United States for a better life. She was determined when moving to a new place that she would create a better future for her family. Rita says everything she does is for…

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When Plan A fails…

Meet David. He’s a man of simple character with a practical outlook on life.  He taught his children that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and he has tried to live his life by that. He has planned ahead and worked hard for 55 years to provide for his family. David is…

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“A good thing we all deserve”

If you stop by Open Studio at EPIC Arts or take a clay class, you will find artists of different backgrounds and skill levels all connecting over their shared love of the arts. EPIC has been providing a space for people to learn new skills and grow in their artistic ability for years, but the…

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A Happy Ending for 456 N. 17th Street

CHWC extensively rehabbed this home in the St. Peter’s neighborhood. When we acquired it, it had suffered fire damage after being vacant for a period of time. After undergoing the dramatic transformation you see in this video, 456 N. 17th is now the envy of the neighborhood! Video by Matt Maassel

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A Place to Bloom

A Stressful Search Years ago, a new family moved into a home in the Riverview neighborhood. Their mother, a CNA and home health aide, had had trouble finding quality housing for her family. “I had a [Housing Choice] Voucher,” she says. “I was living in a bedroom with me and my three kids, and I…

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10 Years “On the Corner”

by Bek Shackelford-Nwaganga; edited by Rebekah Swank Rachel says the house she lives in is one of the prettiest on the block. It’s easy to see why she feels such pride: the home’s large, wrap-around porch and the brightly colored flowers out front seem designed to draw the attention of passersby on the adjacent street.…

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