“There’s love in this community”

A Black woman and a Hispanic man stand on the front porch of a nice home.

Meet one of CHWC’s customers. A single mother, bus driver, and an avid seamstress, CHWC customer Canita grew up in Wyandotte County. She and her mom, Annette, embody the community spirit that they say makes Wyandotte County special. “If somebody needs something to eat or drink, she’s always willing to help,” Canita says of her…

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A forever home

Rita and her family stand together in front of a photo of a beautiful home. They all have brown skin and dark brown hair. Rita's daughter and son stand next to her on either side with friendly expressions. She holds her younger daughter in her arms in front of her.

Rita knows what it means to work towards a dream. She’s a survivor, a mom, and a healthcare worker who moved to the United States for a better life. She was determined when moving to a new place that she would create a better future for her family. Rita says everything she does is for…

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When Plan A fails…

Meet David. He’s a man of simple character with a practical outlook on life.  He taught his children that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and he has tried to live his life by that. He has planned ahead and worked hard for 55 years to provide for his family. David is…

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A Happy Ending for 456 N. 17th Street

CHWC extensively rehabbed this home in the St. Peter’s neighborhood. When we acquired it, it had suffered fire damage after being vacant for a period of time. After undergoing the dramatic transformation you see in this video, 456 N. 17th is now the envy of the neighborhood! Video by Matt Maassel

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10 Years “On the Corner”

by Bek Shackelford-Nwaganga; edited by Rebekah Swank Rachel says the house she lives in is one of the prettiest on the block. It’s easy to see why she feels such pride: the home’s large, wrap-around porch and the brightly colored flowers out front seem designed to draw the attention of passersby on the adjacent street.…

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Stronger Together

A man and a woman sitting in a car and smiling.

What do you do when your ability to provide a home for your family is threatened? Jim and his family had to answer this question for themselves. They’re a true Kansas City family. Although they now live in Johnson County, Jim grew up in Kansas City, Kansas. For over 60 years, his mom continued to…

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A Dream Realized

Buying her dream house once seemed like an unattainable goal. But on December 26, Claudia Flores and her family celebrated their first anniversary as homeowners. If you haven’t read the Flores’ full homeownership story, click here for a recap. Claudia and her husband Eddy had always wanted a home of their own. They especially wanted to provide…

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“I Still Can’t Believe It”

“I still can’t believe it.” Those were some of Karen Marcel’s first words when Claudia Flores and I sat down to talk with her about her new home. Karen moved into the house in mid-June. Since then, it’s evident that she has been busy making it her own. As she greeted us and led us…

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