Housing Development

Boulevard Lofts

The Boulevard Lofts development will represent the first new housing development in the Douglass-Sumner neighborhood in over 60 years. Prairie Fire Development Group and CHWC will act as co-developers to construct these 50 units of high-quality, mixed-income housing.The development will be located on the corner of Washington Boulevard and 8th Street, near Sumner Academy.

Residents are hopeful that Boulevard Lofts will revitalize the community and contribute to the holistic health and well-being of long-time residents, as well as attract further investment to the area. Since the beginning, this project has been focused on the intersection of health and housing. Initiatives such as CHWC’s Splitlog Farm will be integrated into the development. The objective is to provide a higher quality of life through high-quality housing for Wyandotte County residents of all income levels.

Boulevard Lofts Housing Development Map