Frightening to Inviting

April 6, 2020

Renovation is difficult work, and sometimes it takes a long time for progress to become visible. This house in the Cathedral neighborhood is a good example.


Interior of a dark house with debris piled on the floor and a window letting light in.



























The photos above show what the interior of the home looked like when CHWC first began working on it. This house was vacant for a long time before we acquired it. It was filled with trash, dark, dangerous, and not housing anybody safely. Our project development team affectionately nicknamed it “the scary house.”



This photo was taken in late March of this year.

Because it’s considered a historic building, the window restoration for this home has been a long process, but so worthwhile. CHWC is thankful for the contractors who have put in such time and care into this project and have made it possible for us to slowly make it a safe, habitable home.

There’s more work to do on this renovation, but we’re so encouraged by the transformation from darkness to light, from unwelcoming to clean and inviting. We’ll keep you updated as this long-time project of ours continues into its next stage! When finished, we’d like to host an open house for our supporters to come see the finished home.

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