5 Steps to Starting Your Homeownership Journey

CHWC offers high-quality newly constructed and renovated homes for sale at both market and income-qualified rates. But how do you become a CHWC homeowner?

Your homeownership journey starts here! We can help you figure out your next steps based on your particular situation and goals. 


Step 1: Start Your Journey

Click on the "Start Your Journey" Button on this page to visit the CHWC Homeowner Portal.


Step 2: Sign Up

After visiting the Homeownership Portal, click the "Sign Up Now" button.


Step 3: Enter Contact Information

Next, enter your contact information and select "Application Options", then click on "Create Account"


Step 4: Confirm Your Account

Go to your email inbox and confirm your Homeownership portal account, then create a secure password.


Step 5: Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile and enjoy your personalized CHWC Dashboard.

Available Homes

We're sorry, there are currently no completed homes available. Please ask your realtor to contact us.

Don’t have a realtor? Create an account to start your homeownership journey now!

Housing Developments

We build and renovate high-quality homes to  revitalize neighborhoods, increase investment in our community's vital infrastructure, and create lasting assets for families. 

Home Ownership Blog

A Place to Bloom

November 25, 2020

A Stressful Search Years ago, a new family moved into a home in the Riverview neighborhood. Their mother, a CNA and home health aide, had had trouble finding quality housing for her family. “I had a [Housing Choice] Voucher,” she says. “I was living in a bedroom with me and my three kids, and I…

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Summer Solutions for New Homeowners

May 13, 2019

As summer approaches, we want all our new homeowners to be ready for whatever the season brings to put wear and tear on your house. But we know you may not have time to chase down every checklist item needed to make your maintenance and repairs complete. That’s why we’ve rounded up the essentials in one…

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