Splitlog Farm

Our Roots

Splitlog Farm is an urban farm located across from M. E. Pearson Elementary School, established by CHWC in 2014. The farm started out as a community garden to serve the Bethany neighborhood. In partnership with KC Healthy Kids, CHWC has continued to expand the production, programming, and reach of the farm year after year.

In its first year, Splitlog Farm distributed over 600 pounds of produce. In 2018, the farm produced 1,600 pounds of food for the community. The Farm-to-School program, which allows local students to grow, harvest, and deliver the washed crops to their school for use in the cafeteria, was initially piloted at M.E. Pearson in 2016; it has now expanded to two other neighborhood schools.

Growing Good Things

Splitlog Farm has since expanded to include an orchard and greenspace across the street from the original lot. A hydroponics system increases the output of the farm, as it enables year-round growing.

The Splitlog Fam CSA sign-up enables community members to pick up produce harvested at the farm each week. During the school year, parents can pick up free produce when they pick up their students.

The farm is also a summer mobile meals site. A food truck offers free lunches to kids who, along with their families, can tour the farm and learn how to harvest fresh produce.

Feeding Our Neighborhood - Heart, Mind & Body

Splitlog Farm primarily serves the Bethany neighborhood, an area with little access to fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality outdoor spaces, and health education. There are few opportunities to engage in social activities in the neighborhood.

Splitlog Farm works with local schools to help meet these needs, and make it easier for residents to create their own sense of community in the Bethany neighborhood. It enhances access to health information, outdoor space, and produce.

Caring for Our Earth

Each part of the farm is intentionally designed to create a sustainable growing environment and maintain healthy land. Structures on the farm were built using upcycled materials from CHWC construction sites. The farm composts weeds and discarded produce, and compostable water cups are provided to volunteers.

Ceramic vessels are filled with water and buried in the soil to irrigate the farm more efficiently. A French drain is also installed in the Orchard to eliminate standing water. The farm’s washing station features an overhead structure and upcycled commercial sink that collects gray water into a barrel. This water is then dispersed over crops. The roof is equipped with guttering that will drain into another rain barrel.

A no-till approach allows the farm to create its own healthy soil, eliminating the cost of purchasing new compost or topsoil. Hugelkultur beds facilitate the creation of healthy, rich soil that will continually be replenished.

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