Community Programs

Third Friday Art Walk

Art Walk is a monthly event that aims to bring together the community, local artists, pop ups, and brick and mortar establishments by organizing art exhibits, performances, food, and experiences to share in together.  It includes family-friendly games and activities, opportunities for local artists and artisans to display and sell their work, and a place for the community to gather and enjoy what our local businesses have to offer while making new friends.

Artist in Residence Program

CHWC hosts an Artist in Residence who is engaged in teaching their craft and displaying their work in the downtown KCK arts community. The Artist in Residence has the opportunity to live and work out of a unique loft space above EPIC Clay Studio in downtown KCK. Current Artists in Residence have shared their work at Third Fridays Art Walks events in downtown KCK and taught classes for our summer arts camp at EPIC Clay Studio.

EPIC Clay Studio is a community studio located in the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas.  The mission is to provide the youth of the community opportunities to experience dynamic arts and culture programs that foster community, emotional intelligence and healthy relationships.

Upcoming Classes:

EPIC Ambassador Suite

The EPIC ambassador suite (located adjacent to EPIC Arts) is intended to provide a relaxing, enriching environment for anyone interested in exploring downtown KCK. It also serves a rotating gallery for local artists.

EPIC Pop-up Arts Incubator

The EPIC Pop-up Arts Incubator, a converted shipping container renovated by Downtown Shareholders in 2019 with funding through the Neighborhoods Rising Fund, is available for local artists to display their work year-round. The unique gallery space is opened up for full community access on 3rd Fridays, but features a glass storefront so passersby can observe the art inside at any time. This space is reserved for new and developing artists to exhibit works that may later gain attention and move to more established venues. The result is a dynamic display of new works.

EPIC Community Gallery Space

The EPIC community gallery space, located adjacent to EPIC Clay Studio in downtown KCK, is intended to provide a space for local artists to share their work with the community.

Splitlog Farm is an urban farm in downtown Kansas City, Kansas that is supported by and available to the surrounding community. It was established by CHWC in 2014 to engage and develop the community. Families are welcomed to collect fresh produce from the farm and bring their children to participate in plant science courses.

Upcoming Events:

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Project Gallery

Waterway Park

Waterway Park has been around for 100 plus years and, until CHWC stepped in, was deemed unsafe and an eyesore. CHWC filled in the park, added a beautiful playground and picnic table, installed a half mile track around the outside and a walking trail through the middle, and planted beautiful rain gardens. Now Waterway Park…

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CAR (Community Alley Renovation)

Three years ago, CHWC’s Art Squad came up with the idea to start a program that would abate gang tagging and scripting on garages in the alleyways, on walls, and along routes to schools in their community.  Along with cleaning up the graffiti, they wanted to make the alleyways less frightening and safer for everyone…

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Art on the Street

Along with CAR, three years ago the Art Squad started the program Art on the Street.  They teach art lessons during the summer for those interested in the neighborhood.  The first year the group set up on different street corners in St. Peter’s-Waterway neighborhoods.  The next year it did classes in the community garden and…

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Cup onthe Hill

A Cup On The Hill

Almost four years ago, a couple of visionary young women teamed up with CHWC’s Community Building & Engagement program to meet a critical need in the effort to bring Kansas City, Kansas’s downtown back to life: a public space to gather, to talk, to dream, to work. And to drink the best coffee this side…

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