Honoring Cecelia Wisniewski, a dedicated advocate for over 10 years

July 11, 2022

Cecelia, a woman with a bright smile and dark, shoulder-length hair is smiling against a sunny green backdrop.This year’s Center Circle Award, to be presented by Monsignor Tom Tank at the annual Block Party for Rooftops event on September 9, 2022, goes to dedicated volunteer and supporter Cecelia Wisniewski.

The award is traditionally presented to a volunteer who has made an exceptional long-term contribution to the mission of CHWC. Past recipients of this award include Monsignor Tom Tank, Joe Reardon, Craig and Karen Gaffney, Jim Owens, Susan Carroll, Tom Bickimer, Jeff Lipp, Joanne Huey, Tim Orrick, Maria Porta, George Rebeck, Irene Caudillo, and John Tiszka.

Home in the Dotte
Shortly after her Dad’s retirement from the US Navy, Cecelia and her family moved from Great Lakes, Illinois, to Kansas City, Kansas, the hometown where her Mom was born and raised just a stone’s throw away from St. Peter’s Cathedral. Enjoying all the typical “hot spots” of the day in the 70’s and early 80’s, many hours were spent playing softball at WyCo ball field, lounging around the pool at Wyandotte Swim Club, hanging out at the new Indian Springs Shopping Center, and “cruising” Peter’s Drive-In with her friends. Cecelia attended Bishop Ward and graduated in 1985, just as her Mom exactly thirty years prior.

Supporting the Work
With just over thirty years experience in the banking world Cecelia is Vice President in the Commercial Lending Division at Country Club Bank. Initially becoming involved with CHWC in 2009 as the lender for the House to Home Bethany project, the dedication and hard work of the CHWC staff and volunteers was apparent, and she had an immediate appreciation of the value in the organization’s mission. Cecelia served on the Board of Directors for CHWC for nine years with her most recent term ending in December 2021. Her roles have included Board Chair, Chair of Fund Development, Chair of Board Governance, and member of the Finance and Project Development Committees.

A Good Neighbor
Spending as much time at home with her daughter Rachel, and their four-legged family members is a favorite pastime. Peace, love, and being a good human are life goals.

Celebrate With Us! 
Please join CHWC in celebrating this amazing volunteer. Cecelia has done so much to support our work over the years. She has provided everything from advocacy and banking expertise to donations from local vendors and a strong helping hand when setting up for past Rooftop events. We are so thankful to have Cecelia as a neighbor and as a part of our work. You can sign up for the Block Party event where Cecelia will be honored at chwckck.org/block-party.

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